ENEMY WAVE BONUS: Defeating the first wave of enemies will earn you 200 bonus points. For each following wave, the points increase by 100: defeating the 2nd wave earns you 300 points, 3rd wave 400 points, etc.

1UP: Hades and Infiltrator will earn extra lives every 6000 points. Other players may earn them quicker, slower, or not at all!

Genvader 1

10 points
Genvader 2

15 points
Genvader 3

20 points
Genvader 4

25 points
Genvader 5

30 points
Genvader 6

35 points
Genvader 7

40 points
Genvader 8

45 points
Genvader 9

50 points
Genvader 10

55 points
Dormaco Pheyden

60 points
Comrado Phanost

65 points
TIP: PLAN YOUR ATTACK! Don't just shoot down the middle- enemies will only speed up and make their way towards you even faster. Destroy the outer left or right columns first, then take out the first row, second row, etc.
Bomber 1

125 points
Bomber 2

150 points
Bomber 3

200 points
Bomber 4

225 points
Bomber 5

275 points
Bomber 6

300 points
Bomber 7

350 points
Bomber 8

375 points
Bomber 9

425 points
Bomber 10

450 points
Bomber 11

500 points
Bomber 12

525 points
TIP: DIVE! The dive bombers may be the hardest element of the game, unless you master this trick: When you first see/hear them drop in, quickly move your player towards the direction of the dive bomber. This will either put you directly underneath to blast them, or far enough past them to avoid collision. Eliminating Dive Bombers will earn big points, so stick around after defeating all but one enemy and rack up your score.
Genvader Boss 1

500 points
Genvader Boss 2

600 points
Genvader Boss 3

700 points
Genvader Boss 4

800 points
Spectre Swarm

900 points
Echo Morph

1000 points
TIP: DON'T GET CORNERED! Even while eliminating outer columns, try to keep centered and never linger in a corner. When fighting bosses with wide attacks, be sure to quickly sneak between shots before getting pinned!
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